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How much CBD should you be taking and what strength do you need? Well, unfortunately there is no definitive answer to that as there are many factors that can affect how the body processes CBD products, but there is some pretty clear guidance on the maximum you should be taking per day. 

The FSA (the UK Foods Standards Agency) advises that you should take no more than 70mg of CBD per day, which equates to 1.4ml of a 5% oil and 0.7ml of a 10% oil.

However there are many different CBD products out there all with varying strengths, purities, quality of the source plant, extraction methods, cannabinoid and terpene spectrum and ultimately 'entourage effect' and all of these things will change how effective each product is for each person.  

So where should you start? 5% oil, 10% oil, 10mg capsules, 25mg capsules, gummies? There are a lot of different products out there all with very different levels of active CBD ingredient and because of this it can be daunting making your first CBD purchase. 

We always recommend that you start with a low strength product (either CBD oil drops or capsules) but always buy from a reputable brand. Buying cheap CBD products from brands that are not trustworthy will likely not have much effect if any at all and worse than that, could actually be dangerous. So always ensure that any CBD supplier has independent third party lab test reports for each product batch to guarantee their products are safe and do actually contain the level of CBD advertised. It is also important to go for a brand that actually tells you the source of their CBD, as there are lots of growers all over the world with varying levels of quality control and product effectiveness; we always recommend sticking to USA grown products, as these tend to have the best quality control in place. This is why we only source our raw CBD ingredients from trusted USA based growers.

So back to strength. The reason we suggest going for a lower strength product is so that you gently allow your body to get used to using CBD and secondly because the only real difference between a 5% and a 10% oil is that the 10% will last longer as there is twice as much active CBD ingredient within it. However, if you are just starting out on your CBD journey we advise you to buy a lower cost product to see if it gives you the effect you are looking for and then you can start buying the more expensive, higher strength, products once you know it is suitable for you.

One thing to bear in mind is that CBD products don't work instantly; you need to take it consistently for upto 7 days before you feel the real benefit, so if you buy a 5% oil and take 50mg of CBD per day (which is 1ml of the oil) the product will last for ten days. If you bought a 10% oil and took the same 50mg per day it would last you twenty days. So this is something to consider when you are buying CBD products, as often the higher strength products will be better value. 

Recommended Starting Dose = 25-50mg CBD per day

CBD Drops (5% | 500mg) = 0.5-1.0ml per day

CBD Drops (10% | 1000mg) = 0.25-0.5ml per day

Capsules = 1-2 capsules per day

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